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Meet Money Psychic Craig

Craig began his tutelage under the loving gaze of his grandmother, an adept psychic herself. Clairvoyant (one who has visual impressions and/or can see spirits) and clairsentient (one who can sense the energies around a people, places or objects, the presence of spiritual beings and/or can "know" facts from touching objects).

Although a ardent student of all forms of divination, psychic Craig has found he is most deeply drawn to two particular divination tools ... Tarot and the pendulum. Both these divination tools help Craig focus and refine his psychic impressions and provide clarity to what his spirit guides are trying to tell him. Where Tarot can provide a wide range of insight and information, the pendulum is extremely helpful in getting specifics ... answers that are yes, or no, or indications the path of inquiry is incorrect and the questions need to be re-examined.

Naturally a compassionate and life-affirming man, not to mention up-beat with a great sense of humor, psychic Craig is very committed to his metaphysical occupation and has numerous clients who contact him regularly about business, finance, career moves (and insights into co-workers).

Of course, Craig is equally helpful with his client and callers private lives providing readings about love interests, family issues and spirituality. Abundance comes in many forms ... and a life path that leads to an abundance of love is by far the greatest blessing. (One of the "perks" of having your own money psychic is that he or she is just as psychic about love, relationships and so forth).

What is in your financial future? Are there opportunities coming your way you should know about? Are there co-workers you should be wary about? Career moves you need insight about? A business deal, new employee or business partner you want special help evaluating? Buying or selling real estate? Whatever you money issue, Money Psychic Craig is ready to help.

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Craig is one of the guest psychic monitors at the Free Psychic Chat Room. Drop by and join the psychic chat, free. Live psychics are often available to chat about spiritual abundance, clairvoyance, the spirit world, tarot, astrology, dreams ... whatever is on your mind. If Craig is monitoring the chat room, he would love to chat with you.

Psychic Craig's Personal Extension Is: 9485
(Good For Callers In The USA and Canada)

Psychic Craig works through 1-800-Psychics with phone services provided by Psychic Source, connecting quality psychics with clients since 1989. You can review his profile at Psychic Craig's Profile Page.

Why is this important to you? Because all your personal information is protected by a company who has a long history of ethical business practices. Working through this top phone service you will also allow you access to numerous other authentic psychics, astrologers and other divination specialists ... all of whom have been pre-screened as authentic readers. And, you are welcome to call, toll free, to get information about readings, appointments, privacy and so forth. There is no charge until you actually begin a personal reading. Using this service also allows Craig to offer a satisfaction guarantee on psychic money readings (and focus on his readings rather than the technical side of billing and phone services).

Money psychic Craig is looking forward to meeting you. Call soon. Start getting your questions answered, today. All you need to do to get started is call the toll free number above!

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